What You Should Know About Starbucks Cup Sizes

What You Should Know About Starbucks Cup Sizes

Starbucks drink sizes are confusing, but reading this will explain it to you.

You can order any size, but proportions vary depending on the drink. And buying a bigger size doesn’t give you more caffeine.

Starbucks Cup Sizes

There are five different Starbucks cups sizes. They range from 8oz to 16oz.

Short:8ozOnly for hot
Tall:12ozCold or hot
Grande:16ozCold or hot
Venti:20ozIced and hot
Trenta: 30-31ozIced cold


Shorts are the smallest size at Starbucks, with 8oz cups.

Shorts are used to make espresso shots or other strong coffee because of their potency.


A tall at Starbucks is equal to a small coffee.

It’s 12 ounces (354.88 mL), comes in both hot and cold cups, and has one shot of espresso. Tall is the regular size for coffee.

Anything larger than that would not be tall.


The Grande size is Starbucks medium and other coffee shops offer it as a large.

You can trace the name’s origin to Italian. Grande means large because this was the largest size back then.


Venti is Italian for twenty and is the Starbucks equal to a large coffee.

It’s the largest size available for hot coffee, and the largest size on the standard menu.


Trenta is the name of the largest size of Starbucks hot drinks. It is 30 ounces.

The Trenta cup was only available at competing stores in the United States.

You can try to ask for a Trenta cup if you’re traveling in North America.

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What is the biggest cup size at Starbucks?

The biggest cup size at Starbucks is Trenta, which contains 30 oz.

It’s advertised as the perfect size for sharing and is offered in locations that don’t offer coffee or tea drinks.

Some would say that the Trenta cup is too big for a serving of coffee, especially when you consider the price.

It costs more than a Venti.

How much is a Starbucks Venti?

A venti cup of coffee is 20 ounces.

This can be confusing as it has two sizes: a hot venti (20 oz) and a cold venti (24 oz). Venti means twenty, as the size is equal to 20 regular cups of coffee.

Can I use my reusable cup at Starbucks Drive-Thru?

You can use your reusable cup at Starbucks, but not for everything.

They offer a variety of drinks and food items, so you’ll have to check the menu for what is available with a reusable cup.

Final Thoughts 

When you know the origins of tall size, you’ll know why many coffee shops have 5 different cup sizes.

It’s easy to see why Tall is their smallest drink.

It provides a one-of-a-kind and friendly coffee experience.