What is Dalgona Coffee And How To Make It?

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Dalgona coffee originated from street candy in Korea. Dalgona is toffee placed on a stick. Most seen as a three-ingredient sweet coffee put on the top of iced milk. It is the most trending coffee drink for the people at home and not going to workplaces. This creamy coffee comes together only by heating sugar, oil, and baking soda. This then makes it thick and fluffy.

Also known as whipped coffee. Dalgona can be enjoyed as a topping for brownies, dipped into cookies. One can also have whipped coffee with a warm slice of banana bread and chocolate banana muffins.

Dalgona trends on TikTok

The recent pandemic of the outbreak of the coronavirus has made many people stay at their homes. Making them idle but also innovative. The dalgona coffee became a major coffee trend, a sweet coffee concoction. It relies on the caramel-thick layer of coffee, thus the internet’s favorite drink. It is easy to make as it has only three chief ingredients which are hot water, sugar, and instant coffee. This has also made many people try different varieties of recipes all over the world. It has not only to make trends on TikTok but also other social platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

The recipe for dalgona coffee

Due to its simplicity in the making, it is considered to be the best and fastest coffee consumed in the world, and it is easy to make. All one needs is a tablespoon of instant coffee powder, a cup of hot water, and sugar. These three are the main ingredients for making this coffee. The mix is whisked for about five minutes until it turns foamy. Then poured over a glass of cold milk. Ice cubes are added if one needs to give the coffee some oomph. This recipe makes one end up with the best and creamy coffee ever. Due to it being easy to make, different varieties of recipes have been tried out as below.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe Video

Varieties of the dalgona coffee

The recipe above is the best for making this type of coffee, but due to many people consuming it, ideas also arise. Here are the best five different varieties of dalgona coffee.

Milo Dalgona

The main ingredient for this type of dalgona is two tablespoons of milo powder. Hot water and white sugar are also needed. A cup of milk and a small tiny bit of ovalette although the latter is optional. The ingredients are combined in a small bowl for mixing. An electric mixer is used to beat the mixture for about three to five minutes. This is done until it becomes creamy and thick. The milk was poured into a glass then ice was added on top. Thus the coffee is ready to consume.

Matcha dalgona

Also known as a green tea latte. Matcha dalgona recipes include I tablespoon of matcha powder, one white egg, and a cup of milk. A quarter cup of white sugar and a quarter cup of water is also required. The egg is separated in a small mixing bowl and then beaten until it becomes frothy then fluffy. Sugar and water combined on a stove, the sugar syrup left to simmer and not stripped. The sugar syrup is poured into the mixing bowl with the egg and beaten until it becomes glossy. Matcha powder is added to make it have a smooth consistency. This makes ready to enjoy thus then poured into a glass.

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Dalgona milk tea

This is Korean sugar candy. The ingredients include a tablespoon of white sugar, baking soda, and hot water. For the milk tea, a cup of milk and a half cup of tea is also required. Sugar was put in a pot on a stove then melted until it becomes brown. Baking soda was added and stirred until a sticky consistency. The mixture is then placed onto parchment and cooled for at least an hour. This makes it harder, and later the sugar candy is broken into pieces. Milk poured into a glass, ice added then tea poured until almost full. The dalgona candy pieces added on top stirred and ready to enjoy.

Strawberry milk dalgona

This coffee tastes more like strawberry, thus loved by many coffee drinkers. The main ingredients are one tablespoon of coffee, white sugar, and hot water. A cup of milk, ice, coffee powder, sugar, and hot water mixed to produce the result. They are then whisked about four hundred times until it turns foamy. A crushed strawberry was placed at the bottom of a glass and then milk was added. The strawberry should be at the bottom. Then coffee foam was placed over the milk. This makes the coffee ready to enjoy.

Oreo milk dalgona

This is prepared the same way as the strawberry dalgona. The main ingredient, one tablespoon of, instant black coffee. White sugar, hot water, and crushed Oreo were also needed. A cup of milk and ice was also needed to make it creamy. Coffee powder, sugar, and hot water mixed. Then whisked for about four hundred times until they turn foamy. The Oreo was crushed and placed at the bottom of a glass and milk was added. It is important to make sure the Oreo stays at the bottom of the flavor. The coffee foam is placed over the milk. Crushed Oreo is also added as a topping. The coffee is then ready to enjoy.

Dalgona candy

A Korean candy is made with melted sugar, and then baking soda is added. They are eaten during the nineteenth century up to date due to them being sweet and easy to make. A pinch of baking soda mixed with melted sugar and thermal decomposition occurs. The baking soda realizes carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide makes the sugar liquefied to puff and becomes light. When cooled, it becomes crunchy and hard. The creamy liquid poured on a flat surface then pressed to become flat. Then stamped using a patterned mold. This candy goes in different flavors and names depending on the origin. The candy is made in small blocks covered with chocolate. They are then sold around the world as the Crunchie bar.


The dalgona has been in existence since the nineteenth century. It is loved since then. Easy to make, and the different recipes make it be the best option. Thus dalgona should be tried by coffee drinkers during this quarantine period.

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