How To Use Delonghi Espresso Machine? Get the Most Out of Yours

How To Use Delonghi Espresso Machine? Get the Most Out of Yours

There are several Delonghi espresso machine models in the market. Choosing the best one to use is determined by a lot of factors. However, after settling on a particular model, the next step to tinkle in your mind is how to use the machine. As a buyer, having a clear idea of how to handle the machine you have bought is mandatory.

There are clear instructions from manufacturers on how to use the Delonghi machine. Always start by going through the manual so that you remain on the safe side possible. Each model has different operation systems and functionalities. However, the basics of usage are all the same.

Making an Espresso using the Delonghi espresso machine

Start by placing your machine away from water in a clear space and plug it into an electric source. Get it put on a flat surface away from any source of water to avoid injuries and also damaging your machine. Connect it to a nearby power source and place it far off from the countertop edge or any place it might fall.

Fill the water tank to the tank’s maximum line of fill. Lift the lid and get out the water tank. Ensure it’s filled up with water and place it back to its position and close the lid. Alternatively, you can still fill it from wherever it is, but be careful not to overfill it.

The machine should then preheat for at least fifteen minutes. To do it, the knob should indicate an arrow to the little squiggly mark. Once the process is complete, a green light shall pop up. This shows that it’s ready to use. The process ensures the drink is prepared well.

Once the green light pops up, place your cup under the machine spout. You will start making coffee once the machine has been heated up well. Place a mug or cup under this spout to hold up the prepared coffee.

Coffee should be measured out before it’s dumped into the machine filter. Do this by dipping a coffee measure that most likely holds 30ml of coffee. The scoop should then be leveled and dump the measurement to the filter.

Any other coffee grounds should be brushed off along the edges using the fingers. For those who will use the coffee pods, these should be placed into the filter instead. You should ensure the used pod has the ESE label so that it will work best with the machine.

Using the tamper, press the coffee lightly downwards. This is an essential step when preparing an excellent coffee cup. You should avoid doing this too gently or firmly, instead, use the tamper to have it pressed down evenly.

Insert the filter holder into the machine as the handle gets twisted until it’s locked firmly into place. Once secured, the handle will turn facing directly at the front side of the DeLonghi espresso machine.

You are almost complete, turn the knob towards the icon that is located right side far off to start brewing. Once this is done, your coffee will start pouring through the spout. Once the cup is full, turn the knob to the left side, and you would have turned the machine off.

To make a cappuccino, use a frother to froth milk. Once the coffee is ready, fill a frothing pitcher with milk of about 99 g. Place the pitcher at the base or slightly under the frother. Then, start rotating the knob toward the steam option.

Start frothing the milk by turning the steam knob counterclockwise. It should be left to froth to a size of about twice it and then add it to your cup of coffee. At the steam option, you should wait until the green light shows up before you can get it for use.

Use the steam knob to create hot water. Turn the machine knob to the squiggly line and immediately place the cup under the spout. When the green light pops up, switch the knob towards the left. In the process, you should twist the machine steam knob counterclockwise. This ensures that the hot water gets out through the spout. Complete the process by turning off the hot water.

After getting an idea of preparing espresso using the Delonghi machine, it’s now time to learn some basics on cleaning and maintaining your device. Below are the necessary steps that will guide you through the process successfully.

Unclogging Delonghi espresso machine

These machines use a water tank, hot water, and steam nozzles, and a filter to dispense prepared espresso and steam to froth milk for other specialty drinks like, for instance, the cappuccino. Most machines usually operate best with simple and regular care and maintenance.

However, if a clog occurs, there is a need for a thorough clean-up of the entire unit. This is essential to have it function properly always. Users get advised to clean their machines after every use while in their warm state so that they will get all debris removed before they cool and harden. Below are steps to follow to unclog your Delonghi espresso machine correctly.

Step 1

Start by opening the machine filter holder and ensure you get off any remains of coffee grounds out. Follow up by lifting out the filter basket and have it thoroughly rinsed. Once it’s dry, set it back to its position.

Step 2

At the steam valve, loosen the screw that holds it in place and pull it down to get the sleeve. The sleeve should be washed with warm and soapy water and a clean cloth or sponge to remove all debris. As usual, rinse the sleeve thoroughly and dry it using a clean towel.

Step 3

Have a cup filled with water and gently immerse the steam wand in the machine frother. Switch the steam selector knob and allow water to froth for a few seconds. In case the machine nozzle doesn’t steam up, the steam selector should be turned off. Follow up by removing any dried milk in the steam nozzle using a straight pin. You’re done with it, slide the sleeve to the steam valve; have the screws tightened back.

Step 4

It’s time to remove the machine’s waste unit and keep a hold on the brew unit handle. Press down gently the release button and have the brew unit pulled out. Clean the unit thoroughly using a clean sponge and warm water. But then, avoid using dishwasher liquids at all. Clean the permanent filter properly at the funnel. Any coffee grounds on the way should also be removed by damping in a sponge. Have it dry thoroughly before placing it back to its place.

Step 5

Fill the water tank with clean water to descale the unit. Get some descaling tablets from the manufacturer to use for this. The tablets should be added to water and get the tank closed. Follow up by setting the machine program to program and select the descaling option from the menu that displays. To start, press begins or start and get a large container set under the nozzle.

Step 6

You’re almost done, next is removing the steam nozzle sleeve. The pitcher should, at this moment, filled with cold water and set the knob to point at the steam signal the descaling solution is on processing. Dip the steam nozzle to the pitcher and let steam run through the nozzle for about thirty seconds. Decalcify the steam nozzle by repeating the process at least three times. Turn it off and thoroughly dry it using a clean towel.

How to make a latte using the Delonghi espresso machine

The Delonghi espresso machine will dispense frothed steamed milk for all your drinks. Below are the steps to go about having everything prepared well.

The stainless-steel boiler has been designed with two different thermostats. They are responsible for controlling brewing temperature and also for frothing milk.

Start by filling a stainless steel pitcher with the amount of milk you desire. Place the pitcher at the base or under the steamer arm. This ensures the nozzle is slightly inserted into the milk.

Release the steam and froth your milk by turning the knob. There are holes at the top part of the steamer arm. They allow pulling of air down to the milk so that foam is created. After reaching the correct temperatures, shut off the steamer arm by turning off the knob.

Get your milk pitcher, and on your countertop, tap the bottom of the steamer arm a couple of times. This will ensure that any large bubbles are broken down. You are almost done, pour out your espresso short to a latte mug or larger cup, and add frothed milk.


These are the basics you should follow to prepare a rich, tasty drink. You should also ensure you have a clear understanding of how this machine is used to maintain it for an extended period. Make use of the manufacturer’s manual to get you through the basics to use the Delonghi machine.