The Perfect Smart Coffee Maker for Your Home: Top Picks

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Do you want a smart way to start your day? Most of us don’t feel right until we have our first cup of coffee in the morning.

Unfortunately, it’s also the time of day when you’re least likely to have the patience to deal with programming appliances.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to open your eyes in the morning, click an app on your phone, and have a steaming hot cup of coffee ready to go when you walk into the kitchen?

Technology is a wonderful thing, and the Internet of Things makes it possible to brew a cup of gourmet coffee at the touch of a button, even when you’re not at home.

Imagine getting back from a weekend away, and the scent of coffee greets you as you open the door to your home.

So, this begs the question, what makes your coffee maker smart?

Smart coffee makers are a new technology.

While they’re not as popular as conventional models, they are gaining traction with people who value convenience while still demanding high-quality coffee.

A smart coffee maker connects to the internet via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection.

You install an app on your phone and control the appliance from a remote location via your device.

In this review, we’ll unpack the best smart coffee makers, and give you our verdict on the best model for your kitchen.

DeLonghi EN350G Review

DeLonghi is a premium brand in home appliances.

This smart coffee maker features integration with the Nespresso brand coffee pod system.

This coffee maker is convenient and fully automatic, making it an excellent choice for anyone that wants to take control of their brew from a remote location.


  • 38-oz water tank capacity
  • Capsule container holds 14 pods
  • 30-seconds to heat the water and brew
  • Auto-shutoff after 9-minutes of inactivity

A Versatile Option

The DeLonghi EN350G, aka the “Nespresso Expert,” offers you the four traditional espresso serving sizes.

You get options for Ristretto (.85-oz), Espresso (1.35-oz), Lungo (3.7-oz), and Americano (.84-oz Coffee with 4.2-oz hot water).

The Nespresso expert does it all, and it’s our pick for the best smart coffee maker in this review.

Make your favorite hot coffees or pour your espresso over ice with milk for a delicious iced coffee.

Loads of Settings

You get three temperature settings; medium, hot, and extra-hot – as well as a separate spout for your Americanos.

This machine features a 19-bar high-performance water pump that offers you barista-grade coffee preparation every time.


This coffee maker comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to create custom single-serve coffees.

You also get automatic pod re-ordering, and the simplified maintenance on this machine makes cleaning a breeze.

Connect to the Nespresso mobile app and create personalized coffees using your smart device.

Comes with Free Pods

Every Delonghi EN350G comes with an onboarding kit that includes a range of coffee pods with unique flavor and aroma profiles.

Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Connect to the Nespresso app for a personalized coffee experience
  • Removable reservoir
  • Height-adjustable drip tray


· Only works with Nespresso pods

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Hamilton Beach 49350 Review

Hamilton Beach is a leading brand in the appliance industry, with a strong customer base supporting its products.

This smart coffee maker is an excellent addition to the brand’s range of handy home appliances.

You get voice control along with 12-perfect cups of coffee with each brew.


  • Alexa ready
  • Create brew routines
  • 12-cup brewing capacity
  • No app needed
  • Stress and mess-free
  • Automatic shut-off function

Alexa Ready

The Hamilton Beach 49350 doesn’t need you to install any applications on your smartphone to use this coffee maker.

Link this appliance to your Amazon Alexa device and use your voice to start the brew. This voice-activated coffee maker allows you to create daily coffee brewing routines with the help of Alexa.

Stress-Free and Mess-Free

Feed the coffee into the front of the machine.

Avoid making a mess like other models that have a top or rear-mounted coffee loader and get grinds all over the place.

The ergonomic carafe is easy to handle, and you won’t spill a drop.

12-Cup Carafe Capacity

Hamilton Beach used BPA-free glass for the carafe in this smart coffee machine.

We would have preferred to see a better-insulated carafe with this machine.

Fortunately, you get a warmer base that keeps the coffee piping hot.

Other Features

With the Hamilton, you get a 2-hour auto shut-off feature, and the functionality to change the brew strength to suit your preference.

Pros & Cons


  • Control your coffee maker through your Alexa assistant
  • Create morning brewing routines using Alexa
  • No app required to use the coffee maker
  • 12-cup brewing capacity makes it ideal for the office
  • Drip-free carafe


Not a true smart coffee pot, it requires you to push a button on the machine to start the brew

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Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker Review

This smart coffee maker is another great choice for the office.

This machine brews 12-cups, leaving you with a carafe of delicious coffee that’s piping hot all morning.

This machine has true smart features, allowing you to connect it to the Wi-Fi in your home.

Brew your coffee by setting up the machine on your smartphone and have it ready when you come downstairs after your morning shower.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • 12 cup glass carafe
  • Smart hub connectivity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Auto on/off schedules

Sleek Construction

The clean look and styling of this coffee maker fit in with any kitchen décor.

Featuring stainless steel accents and black plastics, the Atomi features a double-glass carafe to keep your coffee hot throughout the morning or afternoon.

Wi-Fi Ready

This smart coffee maker is compatible with Alexa and Google’s assistant.

Use voice commands to start your brew and control every function of the machine through the mobile app on your phone.

However, while this machine offers you true smart technology, there are reports of the Wi-Fi connection being somewhat unstable at times.

Smartphone App

Download the Atomi app from the Google Play Store or the Apple iStore.

Install the app and set up your brewing preferences on the user-friendly dashboard within the app.

Anytime you want a cup of coffee, just ask Alexa, and she’ll sort it out for you.

Program your machine on the way home from the office using your phone and have a fresh batch of coffee waiting for you when you get home.

Auto Scheduling and Auto-shutdown

Set up your brewing schedules using Alexa and the smart brewing app on your phone.

The machine automatically starts brewing according to your preferences.

Change them at any time by altering your preferences within the mobile app.

Pros & Cons


  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The double-glass carafe features a 12-cup capacity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity available
  • Mobile app for easy remote control
  • Works with other smart hub technologies
  • Features auto shutdown
  • Attractive stainless-steel design and construction


  • Doesn’t work with flavored coffees
  • Doesn’t work with Nespresso pods

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Behmor With Alexa Review

While the Nespresso Expert wins our top spot as the best smart coffee maker in this review, the Behmor with Alexa is a close runner-up in this review.

This coffee maker has all the smart tech you expect, including compatibility with other smart devices in the home, and your smartphone.


  • Showerhead-style drip system
  • Create unique brewing profiles
  • Record your favorite brew settings
  • Smart-app ready
  • Dual-wall stainless steel carafe
  • Non-smart option
  • Presoaking functionality

Custom Brewing Experience

While the Behmor smart coffee machine does offer plenty of smart functionality, it’s important to note that it can’t grind beans or fill the water reservoir automatically.

That said, you still get an impressive range of smart functions with this coffee machine.

With the Behmor, you get a customizable coffee experience, offering you complete temperature control to adjust the strength of your brew.

You also have options for altitude and presoaking the grinds for optimal precision brewing of your coffee.

This unit produces a pulsed water flow, saturating all the grinds, with the presoak function adding water to the grinds before brewing for a full-body flavor from your brew.

This coffee is as close as it gets to a cup from your local coffee shop.

Dual-Wall Carafe for Hot Coffee

This model features a double-wall stainless steel carafe that keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

You get 12-cups out of a single brew, making it a good choice if you go back for multiple cups during the morning.

Outstanding Flavors

The adjustable brewing temperature gives you the widest range of flavors for your brew, select your favorite temperature setting, and store it for your next brew.

Alexa Ready

The Behmor smart coffee maker comes ready for integration with Alexa.

Download the smart app to your mobile device and set up your brewing parameters through your phone or tablet.

Connect the coffee maker to Amazon Replenishment, and you can have it automatically order more grounds when you start running out.

Adjust your brew temperature between 190F and 210F to control the beans’ flavor profile and caffeine extraction.

Pros & Cons


  • Full smart compatibility
  • Stainless steel dual-wall carafe
  • Record your favorite brew settings
  • Alexa ready
  • Customized brew settings


  • Somewhat expensive

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Smart Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we’ll cover what you need to know when purchasing your new smart coffee maker.

While most people are always looking for the best budget deal, buying a coffee maker is not the time you want to start skimping on your budget.

Most of us who are willing to look at a smart coffee maker value the perfect cup of coffee over the price tag.

Therefore, take the functionality of the machine and its convenience, over how much it costs.

If you stop by a coffee shop more than a few times a week, then dropping that habit will more than pay for the cost of the appliance in a few months, and you’ll be getting gourmet, coffee shop coffee whenever you want it.

Run through these questions to help you decide on the right model before you select the best smart coffee machine to suit your lifestyle.

  • Do you want your coffee ready fast? – Look for a “pause-brew” option or a scheduling function that allows you to set the brewing time.
  • Do you go back for multiple cups of coffee in the morning? Look for a model with an insulated carafe to keep your coffee hot.
  • Check the carafe size before ordering, especially if you’re brewing for more people than yourself.
  • Do you enjoy fresh grounds or K-cups? Some options are one-or-the-other, while others have multiple functionalities.
  • Does your kitchen have limited counter space? Look for a compact model.

Smart Coffee Maker FAQ

Q: Do all smart coffee makers feature an automatic shut-off function?
A: Most smart coffee makers give you full control over the brewing process. You control the brew and heating of the carafe through your preferred mobile device.
Q: How long will my coffee maker last?
A: Your coffee maker only requires essential maintenance to keep it clean. Provided that you take care of your new smart coffee maker, you can expect it to last for 5-years or longer. Manufacturers vary on warranty lengths, so check the warranty information before you finalize your purchase.
Q: At what temperatures do smart coffee makers operate?
A: Most coffee makers operate at water temperatures of between 195F to 205F. However, some models allow you to take control of the temperature to select your ideal brew.
Q: Do I need an internet connection to run my coffee pot?
A: Most of these coffee pots will work as conventional units as well, but that diminishes the point of spending the extra money on a smart model.


Overall, we think that the Delonghi EN350G Nespresso expert is our top choice for the best smart coffee maker in this review.

We like the Bluetooth-enabled smart brewing, as well as the Nespresso app.

While it only works with Nespresso pods, there is so much variety in the range that you’ll never run out of flavor profiles to try.

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