Mr.Coffee Frappe Maker Machine Review (Iced + Hot)

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You can now drink coffee at home! Check out the Mr.Coffee Single-Serve Frappe, Iced, and Hot Coffee Maker and Blender to see how easy your life can be. It’s equipped with everything from a blender for frappes & smoothies to a traditional coffee pot for iced and hot coffee!

Key Features of the Mr.Coffee Frappe Maker

A Frappeur’s blender is blended every time, with an automatic blending cycle and a built-in blender. The key to making great-tasting drinks is in the measurements!

Brewing is made simple by the easy-to-use measuring system and dual-sided scoop.

The ratio of water, coffee, and ice is right for bold and flavorful frappes. You can drink it as soon as you make it! The machine can brew one in less than 4 minutes.

Also to ground coffee, our reusable filter can also be used for hot & cold drinks. Get up to 16 oz. of bold, pod-free hot coffee or 22 oz. of refreshing iced coffee.

The “Two in One” Traveling Tumbler is perfect for bringing iced coffee to share with your friends. It comes with a recipe book that offers tips on how to make frappes, iced, and other drinks.

What we liked:

  • With the 3-in-1 functionality, this coffee maker can make all your favorite coffees. You can have iced, frozen, or hot coffee.
  • The blender makes it easy to make blended frappes. It’s great because there’s an automatic blending cycle so you don’t need to know what to do.
  • The machine has an integrated system that measures how to make great fraps and other coffee drinks.
  • Brew refreshing iced coffee in under 4 minutes: Brew refreshing iced coffee the way you like it in under 4 minutes.

    Pod-free: Brew up to 16 oz. of bold, pod-free hot coffee with the reusable filter.
  • A recipe book is included with your buy to provide you with inspirations for frappes and coffee shop-style drinks.
  • The Emergo Travel Mug comes with everything you need to enjoy your favorite drinks when you’re on the go.

What could be better?

  • Blend too much or too little of an ingredient and it will mess up the flavor.

Is the Mr.Coffee Frappe for you?

This is a game-changer. You get iced, hot coffee prep, all in one thing. The possibilities are endless with the number of flavor combinations that you can do. It’s out of this world.

In conclusion:

The Mr. Frappe coffee maker is a good machine for those who enjoy a cold cup of coffee on a hot summer day. Moreover, if you live in a household or an apartment where people want different coffee flavors, this machine is perfect for your needs.

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