5 Coffee Makers With Water Lines: Best Plumbed Machines

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If you are tired of filling your machine’s water tank to make coffee every time, you need not worry much about it as now you can get plumbed coffee makers with water lines in the market.

You can attach these to the water supply line or fill their water tank to brew several cups of coffee at a time or whenever you want.

Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable

This programmable model with a water line includes 36 inches long cord, a comfortable handle, a 12-cup carafe, and a pour spout to make it a drip-free coffee maker.

It is a fully automatic coffee model that turns on and off automatically. It can be set to brew 1-4 cups of coffee and has a self-cleaning function.

It has a heater plate to control the carafe’s temperature at low, medium, and high settings to maintain the temperature of your coffee as you like.

It quickly provides hot water whenever required to allow you to make soup, oatmeal, cocoa, and tea, etc., anytime

Its hot water system has a separate 54-ounce water reservoir and power button to operate it as a coffee maker or independently for heating water.

It allows you to pour your coffee directly in your large travel mugs as its drip tray can be removed to make enough space for them.


  • Carafe with drip-free spout
  • Brew 12 cups at a time
  • Heater plate to control the temperature of the carafe
  • The capacity of the water reservoir is 54 ounces
  • Hot water system with the separate power button for independent operation
  • Heats water when required to make soup, oatmeal, cocoa, or tea
  • Dispenses water by pressing a liver
  • Removable drip tray
  • Makes additional space for large travel cups


  • Difficult to know how much you should pour into its water tank
  • The hot water system does not work properly

Frequently asked questions

Q: What type of water filter is used in this coffee maker?
A: No.4 cone filter can be used, which you can get from Walmart or any nearby grocery store.
Q: How hot is the water provided?
A: The water provided is warm enough to brew tea effectively.
Q: How much water does it hold?
A: The water system can hold up to 54-ounce water.
Q: Can it produce 12 cups of coffee at a time?
A: Yes, it can as it is a 12 cup model and has nothing to do with its water system.
Q: Can it provide hot water for tea without adding water?
A: The water for the tea is added into a separate area that can make 3 cups of tea at a time.

Pro Commercial Keurig K155 Single Serve

The features and style of this model are impressive and valued by everyone.

It has an advanced colorful LCD touchscreen interface, programmable automatic on and off settings, and adjustable temperature to brewing coffee.

It has a removable water reservoir in which you can pour in up to 90-ounce water easily to make up to 18 cups of coffee before refilling it.

This Keurig maker can brew coffee in four sizes, including 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, or 10 ounces in a few minutes, with different tastes and different levels of strength from mild to intense.

When you want to store or transport this commercial-grade machine, then you can remove its water reservoir to drain out the water quickly. This facility is available to the coffee makers of this brand only.


  • Impressive valuable style
  • Programmable on/off settings
  • Touchscreen interface to adjust the temperature
  • Removable water reservoir with 90-ounce capacity
  • Four selectable sizes to brew coffee


  • No warranty due to the plumb kit provided with it
  • It is not easy to reset interruption in water flow

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this compatible with using your coffee?
A: Yes, you can make your coffee with this machine.
Q: Can this be plumbed directly to the water supply line?
A: No, this system cannot be connected directly to the waterline.
Q: Can it brew 12-ounce size at a time?
A: No, it cannot brew 12-ounce at a time. You will have to brew 6 oz. Size twice to get coffee for a standard 12-ounce cup.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel 10-Cup with Water Line

This plumbed model with a waterline includes a stainless steel carafe with the 10-cup capacity to keep your coffee warm for several hours.

You can easily wash and refill its water tank as it can be removed from the coffee maker quickly.

It provides water at the right temperature to brew flavourful coffee as it can heat the water at a high temperature of 200 degrees F.

It has been specially designed to brew iced coffee. The water-to-coffee measure lines can be adjusted for brewing a solid iced coffee instead of brewing a diluted with the water of ice.

It does not drip coffee even if the carafe has been removed from it due to the drip prevention mechanism.

It has a permanent mesh coffee filter made of stainless steel, which can be washed and reused every time. It also includes a measuring spoon as an essential accessory.


  • Brews flavourful coffee at the right high temperature
  • Brews strong iced coffee by adjusting water-to-coffee measuring lines
  • Coffee dripping is prevented even when the carafe is removed
  • Washable ad reusable stainless water filter
  • Includes measuring spoon


  • It brews slowly
  • Quality is not very good

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this brewer loud?
A: This brewer has the quietest brewing cycle among the coffee makers in this class. But when the water in its reservoir is more than three cups, then its steam starts making noise until its brewing cycle is completed or the water is in its tank.
Q: How is the EC-YTC-100XB different from EC-YTC-100?
A: There is no difference between these two as XB is the color code. All the EC-YTC100 have their XB.
Q: Is this a commercial-grade coffee maker?
A: No, EC-YTC100 is not commercial-grade.

Bunn Speed Brew Platinum Thermal with Water Line

The design of this made in America coffee maker has been updated to brew 10 cups of coffee within 4 minutes.

It contains a water storage tank made from commercial grade stainless steel to store water to brew coffee instantly whenever required.

You can keep this model always ready to make a perfect cup of coffee by keeping it plugged in on your counter.

The funnel of this coffee maker is designed taller to accommodate the filters manufactured by BUNN, which is nearly ¼” taller than the filters of the other brands.

It can prevent the coffee grounds’ overflow and allow a quick flow of water due to its unique design.

The water tank of this model can hold up to 70 ounces of water and keep it ready for brewing coffee instantly, but it does not overflow the water on the coffee grounds even when it is boiling.

It maintains the temperature and speed of the water while brewing coffee consistently at the standard level of 200 degrees F instead of exceeding the limits and give a burnt flavor like its competitors.

Global restaurants and cafes trust the commercial-grade equipment made by this brand as they maintain their standards while designing and manufacturing their coffee makers.


  • A full pot of coffee can be brewed very quickly as compared to others
  • Hot water tank made of commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Brews from 20 to 50 once at a time
  • Insulated and double-walled vacuum carafe to keep coffee warm for over 2 hours
  • Extracts maximum flavor and coffee with its exclusive spray head
  • Warranty for 3 years


  • Instructions to operate this coffee maker are very confusing
  • You have to add fresh water to the tank every time you make a cup of coffee

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the depth and height of the carafe?
A: The carafe of this model is 15 inches high and 12.5 inches deep which helps in brewing coffee quickly and easily.
Q: Can you clean its carafe easily by hand?
A: Though a small hand can fit well into its carafe, you must season it just by rinsing it out with water.
Q: Can you use the carafe, or need the pitcher for water while brewing coffee?
A: You can instantly brew coffee when its lid is closed. But it can be messy if you do not have a carafe underneath. But you do not need a pitcher of water for this purpose.

Brew Express Programmable with Water Line

This award-winning 10-cup with a water line can make it easier to make a perfect cup of coffee just by pouring hot water on the coffee grounds.

It is fully programmable that takes care of everything when you attach to your home’s water supply and connect it with your domestic power supply.

You need not measure water repeatedly as the water will spread evenly on the coffee grounds to provide your flavored drink whenever you select the amount of coffee required from a cup to a carafe within a few minutes.

It allows you to remove your mug or carafe without creating a mess of the base plate by dripping coffee and preventing the overflow of water due to the pause-n-brew sensor provided in it.

It has a fully programmable clock r timer to provide your next cup of coffee as and when required by you.

A soft-blue light on this coffee maker can make it easier for you to find it to get a cup of coffee even at night or in the early morning. You can switch it on or off easily just by touching a switch on its base.


  • This model makes it more convenient to brew coffee
  • Its stainless steel construction makes it more durable
  • It has a 10-cup carafe to brew coffee instantly
  • It has an adjustable cup selector


  • You have to reset the clock whenever power is interrupted.
  • It is hard to program its multi-functional buttons
  • Lack of a hot plate under the coffee pot does not allow it to maintain the temperature of brewed coffee for long

Frequently asked questions

Q: How far can it be put away from the wall?
A: It can be put nearly 3 inches away from the wall.
Q: Where shall I install this machine?
A: You should install this coffee maker where you can get a supply of water and power. You can use a water pump or bottle to provide a water supply to it if you have only one power outlet in your place.
Q: What are the dimensions of this coffee maker?
A: The external dimensions are 13” x 12,” which should be placed 4″ away from the wall.

Best Coffee Makers With Water Lines Buying Guide

While buying the best coffee maker with water lines, you will have to consider a few things discussed hereunder.

The type you need:

You can find different styles in the market. Some of them are hybrid machines, whereas some are espresso machines as well as coffee makers.

Hybrid devices can make espresso along with brewed coffee. So instead of buying two appliances, you can also prefer a hybrid machine if you have limited space for this purpose.

But if you want to prepare high-quality espresso or brewed coffee, then it may not be the right choice for you. So while choosing a machine, you should determine the type you want to drink or serve to your family and friends.


The second thing to consider while buying a plumbed coffee maker is the convenience you expect from it.

If you want to experience making coffee whenever required, then a manual model can be the right equipment for you. But, if you wish that someone should prepare coffee for you when you wake up in the morning, then a fully programmable coffee maker can be the best choice for you.

It will keep your cup of coffee ready when you program it accordingly. So you should determine the level of convenience you expect from the coffee maker before buying it.

The number of times to drink:

If your entire family drinks several times a day, you should select a model to provide you warm coffee throughout the day. For this purpose, you should choose a device that has a thermal carafe.

But a glass brewer with a hot plate can be enough for you if you drink a cup only in the morning. But it can give a burnt taste to the coffee if left in the brewer for a long time.

So you should also consider the number of times you want to drink in a day while buying a coffee maker with a water line.

Size of brewing:

You can find machines in the market with different brew sizes ranging from a single cup to a full-size carafe.

You can choose from them according to the amount of coffee you need. Some machines have a limited range of brewing options, whereas some can brew coffee in a wide range of sizes.

If you live alone and want to drink coffee with a particular taste and flavor, it is better to go for a single cup machine.It can also be used in households where people drink coffee at different times.

But, if your family members love to drink coffee very frequently, then it is better to buy a coffee maker that can brew a large quantity simultaneously and consistently. In this condition, you can also opt for a commercial-grade coffee maker that can brew 10-12 cups at a time.


While buying a model with a water line, it is necessary to consider how you will connect it to the line of water supply – directly or indirectly through an extension.

If you click it now to the domestic water supply line, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you will have to hire a plumber for this purpose.


Thus, by going through the reviews of some of the best-plumbed coffee makers with water lines and the tips to buy them, you can easily buy the most suitable one for your home.

You will have to compare the features and pros and cons of different machines in this class while making a final decision.

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