Top 5 Coffee Makers in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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A freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning can be a lifesaver! It wakes you up when your alarm clock fails to do its job and greets you with all the joys of home.

Brewing at home would require beans, milk, sugar, and a coffee maker. You still don’t own a coffee maker or looking to buy an? Then the most critical thing you need to ensure while buying the best is to get the machine with the latest features.

Will you like to get a machine that doesn’t allow you to make lattes and cappuccinos? You must be ready to spend a bit more to get the device you want. Some of the essential features in the best coffee makers are setting timers and keeping the coffee hot for an extended period. When buying, you should ensure that the product is made of high-quality material and will last for several years.

In this article, we will share information on where to find the best coffee makers, the benefits of using these, and how to select the best one. Keeping all the essential factors in mind, let’s start reviewing the best machines in 2022, as per the experts.

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Top 5 Best Coffee Makers Review In 2022

We share the list of the best available online with their key features, what we like and what could be better.

Moccamaster 53941 Kbgv Select

Capacity: 10 Cups

Material: Glass, metal, copper

Programmable: No

Moccamaster’s KBGV Select has been certified by the Specialty Association as it has the best ability to brew perfectly delicious coffee in both half and a full carafe. Within 4-6 minutes, the best drip provides you the beverage by extracting the maximum amount of flavor from the coffee grounds. The company tests every coffee machine individually before leaving its factory to ensure that the coffee brewer works perfectly without any defects.

Moccamaster’s comes with free plastics from BPA, BPF, BPS, and phthalate. The highest qualities of materials are used in the making of this handmade machine. Thus it will last for a long time. Additionally, according to the company, if you give proper and maintenance to this coffee brewer, this machine can last for a lifetime. The coffee maker comes with replacement parts, which can be washed easily in a dishwasher.

This pump-free comes with an automatic drip-stop feature that stops the coffee flow as soon as you remove the carafe. Thus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the surface every time you make coffee. Additionally, after 100 minutes, the machine automatically shuts down. Thus you don’t have to worry if you often forget to turn the device. This best high-end machine comes with a 5-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Certified by Specialty Coffee Association.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Highest-quality materials used in the making.
  • Automatic drip-stop feature.
  • Automatic power-off feature.

What We Liked?

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • With proper care, the machine can last for a lifetime.
  • Automatic drip-stop feature when we remove the carafe.
  • Machine automatically shuts down after 100 minutes.

What Could Be Better?

  • Could be programmable.
  • It could be less expensive.

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Bonavita Connoisseur One-Touch

Capacity: 8 Gallons

Material: Stainless steel

Programmable: No

Bonavita Connoisseur is a machine that has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association since the device meets SCA’s technical standards. These best-rated will make your 8-cup carafe ready within 6 minutes. However, you can’t set the timer to get instant coffee like some programmable machines. Thus, if you need a coffee maker which is simple to use without automatic features, then a one-touch will be the best option for you.

Bonavita comes with several features which every coffee lover will want to have in a machine. It has various characteristics which are similar to the pour-over brewing method. The heater provides quick brewing and better flavor. The machine’s wide showerhead design makes sure water gets distributed evenly over the coffee grounds to ensure constant flavor extraction. You get an audible signal when the coffee has finished brewing.

These best cold brew makers come with a filter basket, carafe lid, and showerhead quickly cleaned in a dishwasher. One major drawback of this coffee machine is that the coffee doesn’t stay hot in the carafe for more than 30 minutes.

Key Features

  • Certified by Specialty Association.
  • One-touch 8-cup carafe.
  • Quick brewing and better flavor.
  • Showerhead ensures uniform flavor extraction.
  • Mimics pour-over brewing method.

What We Liked?

  • 8 Cup carafe gets ready within 6 minutes.
  • Machine is easy to use.
  • Audible signal informs us when the brewing cycle is done.
  • Removable parts of the machine are easy to clean in a dishwasher.

What Could Be Better?

  • Could have a carafe that keeps the coffee hot for a longer time.

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Ninja Cm407 Specialty

Capacity: 10 Cups

Material: Stainless Steel

Programmable: Yes

Ninja Coffee Machine is one of the best-iced coffee makers since you can use different brewing styles. There are four brewing options you can choose from; the options include: over ice, rich, classic, and specialty. It is the best coffee machine to make lattes and cappuccinos. The control panel is easy to navigate because of the labeled buttons. On the top of the control panel, there is a water reservoir that is easy to remove. Thus, it is easy to refill water.

The machine is fully programmable. Thus you can get your coffee ready automatically every morning when you set the 24-hour timer. The drip-stop function allows you to take a cup of coffee even before the coffee maker has finished brewing. It comes with removable parts which can be easily washed in a dishwasher. Thus, the cleaning process is quick and easy. Frother whisk can make foam for lattes and cappuccinos, which usually take less than a minute.

Ninja’s multi-functional also provides you six different serving sizes. Thus, you can choose to brew in a single cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL travel mug, half carafe, or a full one. Additionally, the Ninja coffee maker comes with a modern design and sturdy look. However, these best single-serve will require a lot of space, which definitely should not be a problem for a coffee lover.

Key Features

  • Foldaway frother to make smooth froth.
  • 4 brew styles.
  • 6 brew sizes.
  • Modern design and sturdy look.
  • Removable water reservoir

What We Liked?

  • We can make lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Cleaning process is super easy.
  • It provides 6 different serving sizes.

What Could Be Better?

  • Could take less space.

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Breville Grind Control

Capacity: 12 cups (3.8 pounds)

Material: Stainless steel

Programmable: Yes

Breville is a famous brand providing coffee-related products since 1932. It has a capacity of 12 cups and is a good choice for people who drink coffee more often. It would help if you chose to brew the beans directly into the large stainless steel carafe. The device can also grind and brew directly into your cup or travel mug. Breville Grind Control is the best coffee maker with a grinder, which provides exceptional coffee by crushing the beans before you brew.

Since the machine is fully programmable, it will be ready automatically the following day if you set the time to 24 hours in the morning. The grinder is entirely adjustable. Thus you can adjust the size and output as per your taste and the type of beans. The coffee maker includes an LCD that shows you the grinds time, setting, and the number of the cup which has been selected.

Burr grinder comes with six distinct settings, which you can use to get the preferred amount of ground for the brew. You get a cleaning brush with the best tasting coffee maker, which you need to clean the machine after every use.

Key Features

  • Adjustable grinder.
  • Calibration function.
  • Capacity of 12 cups.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Includes LCD display.

What We Liked?

  • Can grind and brew directly in the cup.
  • We can set the timer
  • It is easy to clean after every use.
  • We can customize the grind size and the output.

What Could Be Better?

  • The material used to make this machine could be stronger.

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Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal Automatic

Capacity: 12 Cups

Material: Stainless Steel

Programmable: Yes

Cuisinart is a brand providing a fully programmable. You can set a 24-hour timer to get instant coffee every morning. The machine automatically shuts down after brewing. While this machine can make 12 cups, you can also program for 2 – 4 cups. Cuisinart only takes 5 minutes to brew, which is faster than most machines. The coffee machine has a brew-pause feature that lets you get your cup before it’s finished brewing with the push of a button.

With these best buy coffee makers, you get a burr feature that automatically crushes the beans even before the brewing process. You can use the grind-off feature to bypass the grinder and put the ground beans directly into the coffee filter. Additionally, according to the company, the stainless steel carafe can keep your coffee hot for almost 8 hours. The only drawback of this coffee machine is that the grinder is too loud and can surely wake up the entire family.

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The Cuisinart is easy to clean. Thus you don’t worry about cleaning after preparing your cup. However, there is a fault in the carafe design, making it challenging to pour coffee in cups and mugs without spilling them. Cuisinart coffee makers are reasonably priced and come with all the features you need to make your perfect cup of Joe! You can set the timer for a hot plate in this coffee maker, and your beverage will be hot even after 4 hours.

Key Features

  • Fully programmable.
  • Capacity to make 12 cups.
  • Burr grinder crushes the beans automatically.
  • Charcoal water filter.
  • Double-walled to seal the heat.

What We Liked?

  • Is fully programmable.
  • Maintains flavor and bold taste in every cup.
  • It contains a carafe which keeps our brew hot.
  • Machine automatically shuts down after brewing.

What Could Be Better?

  • Grinder could be less loud.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – How To Find A Coffee Maker Which Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Space?

A – You need to find the best small coffee makers in the market and online stores. Various coffee machines come in different sizes. You need to do some research online and find the best brands. Check the dimensions and size of the coffee machines to understand best which coffee machine will take the least amount of space.

Q – What Are The Advantages Of Using Pod Coffee Machines?

A – The pod machines provide you with coffee quickly and consistently. Best pod coffee makers are a convenient option for people in a hurry to get their coffee on time.

Q – Where Can I Get A Coffee Maker Which Can Be Cleaned Easily?

A – You have to search for the coffee machines, including removable parts cleaned in a dishwasher. We have shared some of the best coffee makers that don’t require much cleaning and include removable parts which can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Q – What Are The Benefits Of A Programmable Coffee Maker?

A – The programmable coffee maker allows you to set the timer to get your beverage on time. For instance, you have set the time to 24 hours in the morning. You will get your coffee ready the following day on time. Thus, it is excellent for people who need coffee on time every morning.

Q – What Are The Benefits Of The Coffee Maker With The Drip-Off Feature?

A – With other machines, when we take the carafe out of the coffee maker, the coffee keeps dripping down and ruins the surface. The machine, which has the drip-off feature, automatically stops the dripping of coffee when you take the carafe out of the device. Thus, it is a convenient option if you don’t want to clean the surface every time you prepare coffee.

Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Best

This guide will help you determine which coffee maker will be ideal for you and select the best online supplier.

1 – Select The Type Of Coffee Machine

There are different types of machines available online. Based on your requirements, you have to select the coffee machine you will want in your kitchen. For instance, you want to make lattes and cappuccinos in the coffee maker. You have to find a machine with various brewing styles.

If you want to make smooth foam, you should select the coffee maker, which comes with a frother. You might also want to consider a pod if you are an occasional coffee drinker.

2 – Choose Your Supplier

The best suppliers usually get their machines certified by Specialty Coffee Association. These suppliers test every device individually to ensure that the customers are getting good quality machines working perfectly with defects. It would be best if you chose a supplier who is trustworthy and popular among his customers.

3 – Know The Fair Price

The cost of the coffee machine must be reasonable based on the features it is providing. For instance, a coffee machine that doesn’t offer various brewing styles and has the capacity of 8 cups should not be expensive.

The machine, which is programmable and comes with a 5-years warranty, will surely cost a little bit more than a usual coffee maker. Thus, based on the features, you need to know the fair price. You have to compare the features with other providers to check that you are not paying more for a coffee maker with similar characteristics.

4 – Check The Reviews

You must check the reviews of the coffee maker you are about to buy. You must check that if the negative review of one customer matches the judgment of another. For instance, one of the customer’s reviews that the machine is too weak and broke quickly, and another review mentions the same thing; then there is a high chance the machine won’t last long.

Similarly, if most customers review that the grinder is too loud, you should indeed believe them and get a coffee machine that doesn’t have similar issues.

5 – Read About The Product

Whether you are shopping online or offline, you can find all the information about the features of the coffee machine. You must know how much coffee the machine can prepare at a time. It is essential to know if the device you are selecting is programmable or not. You will find all this information and more when you read about the product on the label.

6 – Know About The Cleaning Process

Before buying a coffee maker, you need to ensure it is easy to clean and use. If the coffee machine doesn’t come with removable parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher, the cleaning will take a lot of time. Thus, it would help if you made the coffee machine is easy to clean.

Additionally, you should make sure you pour coffee from the carafe; it doesn’t spill down. Thus, you need to buy a coffee machine that includes a well-designed carafe.

7 – Check The Material Of The Carafe

If you want your beverage to remain hot for long hours, you should consider checking the material of the carafe. A thermal carafe can keep your beverage hot for more than 8 hours. Additionally, unlike glass carafe, you won’t get a burnt taste from the coffee made in a thermal carafe. Although glass carafes are cheaper, the coffee usually gives a burnt taste when it is put on a hot plate to stay warm.

Types Of Best Coffee Maker In 2022

1 – Drip

Drip coffee makers are standard among coffee lovers because you can prepare more than 14 cups of coffee at a time. Some of these machines come with a single-serve brewer and hot water dispenser feature.

How It Works: You have to add cold water to the water reservoir and ground beans in the filter. Showerhead makes it possible for the water to saturate the beans to extract the perfect flavor evenly. Then, the coffee gets dispensed into the large carafe, which makes it stay hot for long hours.

2 – Pour-Over

Pour-over is the simplest method of brewing coffee. You can make a pour-over coffee in a cup or a full carafe.

How It Works: The machine will put medium-coarse ground beans in a funnel using a filter. It will add hot water to the ground beans to make them bloom. Then, it will add hot water again to make the beans fully brew. After the water filters through the beans, the brewed coffee gets dispensed in a cup or carafe.

3 – French Press

French press coffee makers are easy to use since you have to add beans in hot water to get a cup of coffee. You need to steep the coffee more times to get the strong flavor of the coffee.

How It Works: Add water to the machine. Then, you have to add coarse to medium-ground beans in hot water. Then, the device has to steep the coffee, thus, add a lid to the carafe. After 4-6 minutes, you have to push down the plunger gently. The brewed coffee will get dispensed in the carafe.

4 – Cold Brew

Unlike traditional iced coffee, you don’t have to pour hot coffee on the ice in the cold brew method. The cold brew coffee maker doesn’t require any heat and is best for people who love rich cold coffee.

How It Works: The machine steeps coarsely ground beans in cold water. You have to leave it overnight. Then, the machine dispenses the brewed coffee in another container you will use to serve. You can keep it in a refrigerator for two weeks.

5 – Espresso Coffee Maker

Espresso is a different type of coffee maker, which requires a lot more concentration than drip coffee. In this method, dark roasted beans get crushed finely. Espresso is generally served in a small cup or a travel mug.

How It Works: You can make coffee in a manual as well as an automatic machine. The machine heats water, and then it passes through the finely-grind beans at high pressure.

6 – Grind And Brew

Grind and brew grind the beans instantly before brewing. It is a familiar feature people like in a coffee machine because it provides the best-tasting coffee.

How It Works: You have to select how much coffee you will like to brew. The coffee maker has various options for how the beans should be ground; blade grinders and burr grinder, each with its pros. Burr grinders provide better consistency than blade grinders in most cases.

Maintenance Tips For Best Coffee Maker

1 – You should clean the inside part of the coffee machine using vinegar with water every month. Since vinegar contains acid, it will quickly remove the leftover coffee stains that usually get built up inside the machine. You should put water and vinegar in equal quantities and brew it like coffee. This process will easily remove all the stains of the coffee oil.

2 – They comes with a lot of removable parts which can be cleaned in a dishwasher. You should soak and clean those parts of the machine every week to remove the stains of coffee oil.

3 – You should use canned air to remove dust particles from the heating elements and external parts that you can’t clean by yourself.

If the warranty period has ended, you should get it replaced by yourself. 4 – You should immediately notice any severe damage to the coffee pots or power cords. If power cords burned, you immediately replace them because it can cause a fire. Cracked pots can make coffee leak. You should contact the manufacturer to replace them immediately.


We hope the review of the machines and the buyer’s guide will be helpful for you in selecting the best. It would help if you went through each review of the product to understand what the features of each machine are and which will provide you the desired coffee.

Each machine comes with unique features and advantages, and choosing the best one can be difficult. Thus, it would help if you went through the buyer’s guide to understand which coffee maker is reasonably priced and which coffee maker has the best reviews.

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