Delicious Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans [Buying Guide]

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Why drink black coffee when you can spice things up? How would you react if you found out there was a way to infuse one of the popular flavors on earth with your favorite beverage? That’s where chocolate-covered coffee beans come Into the picture.

If you love chocolate and also love coffee, chocolate-covered coffee beans will undoubtedly win you over.

This combination makes for a tasty drink, leaving your taste buds craving more.

However, finding the best of this product in the market will not be an easy task.

You’d have to consider taste, the beans used, and other vital points before settling for a specific product.

Espresso beans tend to be the choice for most manufacturers today.

Dark chocolate is the most common type of chocolate used in this pairing.

Both ingredients complement themselves, as chocolate can help even out the bitter taste of the coffee.

Stick with us to find out what ten brands of chocolate-covered beans we love right now.

Before that, we’d have a quick look at the benefits of chocolate, what beans are used, and then our top picks.

What To Consider Before Buying Coffee Beans

1. Type of coffee beans used: In most chocolate-covered candies, you are more likely to see espresso beans used. Some brands make use of 100% Arabica beans in their products.

Both blend well with dark chocolate either ways

2. Type of Chocolate Used: Dark chocolate is more common among brands nowadays.

However, there are coffee candies with white chocolate and sugar-free chocolate for the sake of creating multiple flavors. 

Sugar-free chocolate is an excellent option for more health-conscious people, e.g., on a keto diet.

What Are Some Of The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Countless studies have shown how the human body benefits from chocolate.

Be it black, white or sugar-free chocolate, or any other form, we get certain health benefits from this much-loved product of cocoa.

Some of the benefits of chocolate include:

  • 1. Great source of antioxidants
  • 2. Improved blood circulation and reduced blood pressure
  • 3. Rich in polyphenols which have been found to improve brain function
  • 4. Flavonols in chocolate could have anti-diabetic effects especially type 2 diabetes
  • 5. Cocoa contains anti-bacterial and anti-enzymatic properties

Bulk Chocolate Covered by Dilettante

Dilletante is one of the trendy names when it comes to chocolate-covered beans.

Their products have great reviews, so expect nothing short of quality from our number one pick.

Laced with gourmet chocolate, natural cream, and cocoa butter, you cannot help but indulge yourself in the fantastic taste.

It’s almost like those times when you savor the taste and drift off to another world entirely.

There are four flavors available, namely dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and marbled.

There is a five-pound and three pounds bag size, depending on the amount you need per time.

The five-pound bag is resealable, making it great for storage.

It is also possible to get all four flavors in one bag.


  • Great taste
  • Different flavors available
  • Four flavor combos available in one bag
  • Different sizes available
  • Great as a gift idea


  • Some may find the chocolate layer too thick
  • Espresso beans used is caffeinated, so may not be a choice for fans of decaf

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Wincrest Sugar Free Beans

For those who prefer not to have sugar for the sake of their health or for some reason known to them, you should try this product instead.

It packs an insanely rich taste while being sugar-free and decaffeinated.

This product comes in a 1.5-pound jar at a fair price.

That way, you know you are getting your money’s worth for this purchase.

One hundred percent roasted Arabica coffee beans are used, so you can be assured that the taste is nothing short of exceptional.

This product is also a great gift to your loved ones who would not mind being spoilt with such a delicious treat.


  • Espresso beans used are of a high quality
  • Sugar-free chocolate
  • Great value for your money


  • Melts easily

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Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Espresso Beans

If you need energy on the go, the Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans is precisely what you need.

This product is an embodiment of the perfect balance of dark chocolate and coffee.

Being an espresso product, its caffeine content is average with a reasonable price tag.

However, the packaging size (it comes in a two-pound bag) does quite well to justify the price label on this one. 

We also like how portable these chocolate coffee beans are.

Pack one in your bag for easy access to a quick shot of energy when you need it.


  • Great tasting snack for energy on the go
  • Portable


  • Caffeine content is more than chocolate

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Gourmet Espresso Beans By Delish

This product by Delish is a mix of well-roasted coffee beans and non-dairy dark chocolate.

With four unique flavors to pick from, you’ll never be short of satisfying those chocolate cravings while on a budget.

A great source of energy when you need it, you can pack one while working out, going on a trip, or doing other energy-demanding activities.

We love how this product is available in various sizes at just forty-six cents per ounce.

If you are on a budget and do not want to compromise on quality for the price, by all means, try this product out.

We are one hundred percent certain you’ll love it just as much we did.


  • Four flavors available
  • Amazing taste and flavor
  • Very affordable


  • Could be too bitter for some

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Trader Joe’s Dark

Trader Joe’s is a California-based store dealing in a range of products, with chocolate-covered espresso beans not left out.

Trader Joe’s chocolate coffee beans have traces of egg, peanuts, and milk.

The espresso beans used have a slightly lighter taste, with nice chocolatey notes to match.

The product comes in a jar, making it easier to store.

There are no artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives.

It is almost as natural as it gets.


  • The taste is great
  • Free of artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Easy to store


  • Not suitable for vegans due to eggs and milk

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Wincrest Chocolate Espresso Beans

Asides from the sugar-free chocolate-covered beans, Wincrest has another fantastic product guaranteed to keep buyers returning.

Finding it hard to decide which flavor to go with? The Wincrest Chocolate Espresso Beans in the tricolor option handles all your cravings with ease.

Combining the rich flavors of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and coffee cream on the beans, the result is incredible.

The espresso beans used are rich in flavor, and the one-and-a-half-pound tub ensures you never run out of flavored beans.

The price might be on the high side for some, but the quality and quantity are just excellent.

The beans used are relatively small, so it is most likely you would finish this tub fast.


  • Great ingredient selection
  • Quantity is just right
  • Tricolor flavor is out of this world 


  • Pricey for some
  • The beans used is small

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Buddhas Cup Semi-Sweet

Kona is an exclusive and organically grown coffee in some volcanic regions in Hawaii.

Pair that with some flavor-filled chocolate from Hawaii, and you’ve got yourself a serious mouth-watering treat.

The Buddha cup brand used peaberry beans for this product (instead of producing a double bean, the coffee bean has a single bean).

The caffeine content in peaberry beans is fifty percent higher than regular beans.

Not great news for those who prefer decaffeinated coffee-related products.

The higher caffeine content means an instant energy shot when you need it.

This makes it a great energy source on the go, as five peaberry beans are equivalent to one cup of coffee.

Thanks to the resealable zipper bag, it is one portable snack you’ll cherish.


  • Great energy source when needed
  • Portable 


  • The flavor might be too intense for some

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Andy Anands Bulk Sugar Free Dark

Andy Anand’s chocolate coffee beans are made with love and care and do not fail to deliver in the flavor department.

This is the second sugar-free product we are looking at, and being listed in the eighth place does not make it any less good.

Grown organically on a single farm in Colombia, you are assured of getting the most natural taste possible.

You can be assured of a tasty experience and quick energy when you need it.

Andy Anand also has philanthropic interests at hand, including a 15 percent donation of their sales geared towards free education for kids.

Next time you buy an Andy Anand chocolate coffee beans pack, know you’re helping a kid somewhere achieve their dreams.


  • Grown organically with no artificial flavorings
  • Great to gift your loved ones
  • Quick energy boost when needed
  • Sugar-free makes it an excellent choice for those avoiding sugar
  • Excellent packaging


  • Caffeine content might not work for some

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CandyOut Premium Dark

CandyOut outdid itself with this product.

Offering a perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, we can say that this product rightfully deserves to have a premium in its name.

Guaranteed to leave you wanting more, the chocolate notes are just perfect enough to taste and not miss out simultaneously.

The espresso beans used are high-quality and roasted to perfection.

It complements dark chocolate so well, and the end product is beyond yummy.

We love the packaging, which keeps your flavored beans safe for a long time.

This is due to the weather-protective packaging used.

Lest we forget, the price tag on this product is justified by the quality of its content.


  • Amazing taste 
  • Great value for money spent
  • Packaging enhances storage


  • Might feel pricey for some persons

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Marich Barista Blend Premium

Last on our list is this premium coffee candy by Marich.

Made from Italian espresso beans, dark and white chocolate, and milk to top it up, it leaves you craving more.

Free of artificial flavorings, the sensation created by one candy is enough to have you finish one bag in a day.

If you relish coffee that is strong in taste, then espresso beans bathed in milk and other finely sourced ingredients should be more than enough for you.

We loved absolutely everything about this product, from the packaging to the taste, and I sincerely wish we could lay our hands on more.


  • Unique flavor
  • Great as a gift
  • Packaging is awesome


  • On the pricey side
  • Taste could be strong for some

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We have reviewed many chocolate coffee candies today, and picking a winner is always hard in situations like this.

For some, it’s the taste, for others, it’s the affordability, and for others, it is just being able to get that much-needed energy instantly.

Next time you’re out shopping, be sure to stock up on whichever product on this list looks most appealing to you in terms of pricing and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Caffeine Is In My Chocolate Covered Beans?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 ounce of chocolate-covered beans has approximately 227mg of caffeine, compared to 97mg of caffeine for 8 ounces of coffee.

You get the energy from both the chocolate and the coffee beans.

How Long Will My Chocolate Covered Beans Last?

Depending on the day the beans were roasted, your chocolate coffee beans could last from weeks to possibly months.

This period could be longer if preservatives are added, and the packaging used aids prolonged storage.

How Many Chocolate Covered Candies Can I Have In A Day?

The recommended intake of caffeine for adults is 400mg per day.

One Arabica coffee bean contains between 5-10mg of caffeine, excluding chocolate coating.

To not exceed your daily intake of caffeine, do not consume more than 40 coffee candies in a day.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Beans (Video)

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