Best Nespresso Capsules for Latte: Reviews & FAQ

Best Nespresso Capsules for Latte: Reviews & FAQ

There are many wonderful options to choose from when selecting a Nespresso capsule for making delicious lattes. It all comes down to personal preference when selecting a capsule. There are factors such as intensity, flavor, grind consistency, and caffeine content. In this article, we will be laying out various options that will appeal to all kinds of latte-lovers.

One of the most important factors in selecting a capsule for your lattes is ensuring that your choice will work with your machine at home. It would be extremely frustrating to make a selection to bring it home from the store or have it delivered to you to figure out that your choice of capsule doesn’t work with your espresso machine. We will, of course, include which capsules work with what machines are in our list below.

If you are new to the world of lattes or espresso, this is a good place to begin as well. We will go through the differences in intensity, the flavors and aromas, and the different varieties of espresso blends below.

Nespresso Original Line Ispirazione Variety Pack

Our first selection is the Ispirazione Variety pack. This is by far our favorite for use with the Original Line Nespresso machines. The great thing about this pack is that it includes both medium and dark roast choices. The intensity in this pack ranges from the Capriccio (5), the Ispirazione Genova Livanto (6), the Ispirazione Roma (8), Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio (9), and last but definitely not least: Ispirazione Ristretto (10). As your intensity number goes up, the darker the roast of your capsule. Intensity measures the general richness, flavor, fullness, and darkness of the grind.

The Capriccio is a delightful blend of Arabica beans from South America combined with Robusta beans. It is the least intense of the group. The Ispirazione Genova Livanto is made from South American Arabica beans and has a smooth, balanced flavor. Ispirazione Roma is another blend of Arabica and Robusta beans and is rich and full-bodied. Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio comes in second in the intensity of this group. It is noted for being creamy and intense. Finally Ispirazione Ristretto is another Arabica and Robusta combination. It is powerful and satisfying, offering a contrasting flavor.

We certainly love the fact that this pack is varied from medium roasts up to darker roasts, which leaves your latte up to a few different possibilities, all depending on what you’re in the mood for on any given day. However, there are no decaf capsules in the pack, so it might be best to save these to go along with your breakfast.

What we liked:

  • A delicious range of flavor and intensity
  • Medium and dark roasts are both included

What could be better:

  • Only caffeinated selections available in this pack
  • Only available for Original Line Nespresso Machines

Nespresso VertuoLine Variety Pack

This is our favorite pack for use with the Vertuo Line Machine. It includes another range of medium and dark roast coffee, each delicious in its way. The intensity of each selection ranges from the Melozio (6), the Odacio (7), and finally the Stormio (8).

Much like our first choice for the Original Line Machine pack, this Vertuo Line variety pack offers a sophisticated spread of choices that will appeal to most palettes.

Feel like indulging in a less intense latte? Pop the Melozio capsule into your machine. It is incredibly smooth and balanced, made from 100% Arabica beans from South and Central America.

Want to up the intensity a bit? Go for the Odacio. It is bolder than the Melozio, made from 100% Arabica beans from Central America and East Africa.

Then there is the Stormio, the boldest of the bunch, made from 100% Arabica beans from Central America. It is the richest and strongest of the three.

Just like our first choice, there are no decaf selections, but some people enjoy a late-evening latte, and this spread of espressos is just the thing to do that with. They are all so amazing.

What we liked:

What could be better:

  • Only caffeinated options
  • Only for use with Vertuo Line Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Line Elvazio Pack

We had to include a mild roast in our list, and the Elvazio blend is our favorite.

This light roast blend is made from 100% Arabica beans from South America. It has notes of fruit due to the very quick roasting process. However, if you plan on making lattes with this, the addition of milk produces a very creamy taste with a delicious hint of caramel and cereal notes, perfect for a flavored latte.

Elvazio has a complex but delicious flavor, depending on how you brew it. The taste changes whether you’re making a latte or drinking it black; it is yummy in any form it takes.

So, if you don’t like medium or darker roasts, then this is the blend for you. With an intensity of 4, this will appeal to anyone who loves an abundance of flavors in their coffee. It is light, refreshing, fruity, and creamy. It is especially great for those who don’t like a crazy amount of caffeine. This capsule would be perfect for crafting an after-dinner dessert latte to accompany a delicious piece of pie or bowl of ice cream.

This capsule is only compatible with the Vertuo machines. These versatile machines are amazing for making all kinds of different coffee drinks, including lattes.

This blend is perfect for those who may be just entering the espresso world and would like a less intense latte.

What we liked:

  • The flavor profile
  • This Vertuo machine is amazing for making all kinds of different coffee drinks, including lattes

What could be better:

  • Only for use with Vertuo Line

Nespresso Vertuo Line Bold Variety Pack

For those who love bold and intense brews, this is the pack for you. It includes two different blends: Altissio and Diavolitto. There are 20 capsules of each, so you get plenty of both of these amazing blends. We think it’s great to have choices every day, and both of these are great choices for your morning latte.

The Altissio blend has an intensity of 9 and is crafted with Arabica and Robusta beans from South America. It is bold and creamy and is a favorite of bold espresso-lovers, perfect for an early morning latte. It is the less intense of the two, although it will get you going, no doubt about that.

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The Diavolitto blend has an intensity of 11. It is very intense and one of the stronger blends on this list. Just like Altissio, Diavolitto utilizes Arabica and Robusta beans from Central and South America. If you can take the punch, this blend will deliver on flavor, and it is perfect for crafting a very strong latte. It is rich, wonderful, creamy, and intense but also surprisingly balanced. It’s a go-to favorite for all espresso lovers.

If you love powerful espresso and top-notch lattes, then these blends should be thrown straight into your online (or offline) shopping cart!

What we liked:

  • We favor the bold and intense choices in these two varieties
  • Vertuo Line machine use

What could be better:

  • Only Vertuo Line use
  • Just two blends included in the pack

Starbucks By Nespresso Blonde Roast Espresso

Starbucks Blonde Roast is one of their most popular blends, and they got together with Nespresso to create these capsules that work with the Original Line of Nespresso machines.

This is a delicious roast with an intensity of 6, so it appeals to most coffee lovers. It has a bright, sweet flavor and works incredibly well in lattes, delivering a creamy, golden taste. It is smooth and mellow, and it is definitely a must-try for anyone who loves Starbucks and any espresso drink.

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This would be a perfect addition to the kitchen of an at-home barista. It is a favorite for use in lattes. Blonde varieties of all sorts of different coffee have become increasingly popular over time, and Starbucks’ version of it does not disappoint. It tastes like a million bucks by itself. Just imagine what making a latte out of it would be like.

What we liked:

  • It’s hard to go wrong with any Starbucks blend
  • Appealing for all kinds of coffee aficionados

What could be better:

  • Only for use in Nespresso’s Original Line machines
  • Includes only one type of blend

Nespresso Original Line Roma Intenso

Roma Intenso is a tasty medium roast blend with an intensity of 8, so you’ll get a balanced flavor that packs a kick. It is a delicious blend of earthy and roasted flavors and makes an amazing, creamy latte that appeals to most espresso lovers. It is known for its richness, and woody notes that mix very well with milk.

The capsules can be used in the Original Line machines, but not the Vertuo machines. If you have an Original Nespresso machine, we recommend giving this capsule a go.

The Roma Intenso is a must-try for anyone that likes a good medium-roast blend. It may turn into your go-to favorite if you give it a try!

What we liked:

  • Good solid flavor profile that is widely appealing
  • Makes an amazing latte

What could be better:

  • Only available for Original Line machines
  • Includes only one blend

Nespresso Original Line Kazaar Capsules

This is Nespresso’s most intense blend, rating at a 12 on their scale! It blends Robustas from Guatemala and Brazil, also adding the lightness of an Arabica from South America. It is insanely intense and syrupy and not for the faint of heart. A little goes a very long way, we’ll say. It has a full, creamy, yet peppery flavor, so it is wonderfully balanced. Because of these complex flavors, it makes a powerful latte that you’ll love to savor every sip of.

These capsules are also only available for the Original Line by Nespresso, which might tempt you into investing in one of those machines. It might be worth it for this king of espresso intensity. It’s without a doubt one to try just for the killer lattes you can make with it. We promise it’s one for the books.

Kazaar will most definitely keep anyone on their toes! This is the espresso to get if you are looking for something to give you a jump start in an incredibly tasting way. Just be warned: it is incredibly intense and simply satisfying.

What we liked:

  • This being Nespresso’s most intense grind we respect its power
  • The incredibly powerful flavor and kick-start it gives you

What could be better:

  • Only available for Original Line
  • Includes only one blend

Nespresso Original Line Indonesia Master Origin

This is another great choice if you’re in the market for espresso capsules. There is no other espresso flavor like it, and it cut our list because of just how great it is. The sheer uniqueness of this blend is enough for anyone to want to give it a sip. No other coffee in the world is produced quite like Indonesia Master. However, some would say its flavor is a bit of an acquired taste, but that shouldn’t stop you!

Indonesia Master is a near-perfect blend of Indonesian Arabica that produces a creamy, earthy, nutty, full flavor. Oddly but deliciously enough, there are also hints of tobacco. This grind is especially good in lattes as well because of how well it pairs with milk. This unique flavor profile is all due to the unique way this particular coffee is farmed: it is wet-hulled due to the humid climate in Indonesia. Wet-hulling is when the parchment is removed from the coffee bean while it is soft and filled with moisture. This process ensures that Indonesian flavor the world has come to love.

Indonesia Master is one of the unique flavors on this list, and it is not for everyone. The flavor is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before in an espresso, but if your palette can handle it, the experience of drinking this wonderful blend is very rewarding. Your taste buds will thank you (hopefully.)

What we liked:

  • There is no other flavor in the Nespresso world quite like Indonesia Master
  • The unique techniques that go into its production
  • The miniature history lesson that goes along with this blend

What could be better:

  • Flavor is an acquired taste for some
  • Original Line use only


What exactly is a latte?

A latte is a beverage that is made with espresso and steamed milk. It can be made both hot and cold and is considered one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. The espresso is brewed with hot water; then, it is combined with the steamed milk to create an amazing, creamy concoction.

The latte was first created in Italy. Caffellatte is an Italian word for “coffee and milk.” Its creation has been traced back to the 17th century. Very quickly, the concept of the latte spread from Italy to the rest of Europe, and it remains popular all over the planet. There are different latte variations, and it is very similar to a cappuccino; only less milk foam is used in a latte. A macchiato is also a variation; only this is when the espresso is added to the milk, rather than the other way around in a standard latte.

Another variation of the latte is a cafe mocha, which utilizes a chocolate flavor added to the drink.

Some many forms and variations have stemmed from the traditional latte, each one in its ways delectable.

Can you recycle the capsules?

Yes, Nespresso makes its capsules with aluminum, so they are fully recyclable. Many companies that produce these capsules don’t keep the environment in mind and use plastic to make their capsules. Nespresso is the opposite stressing the importance of going green and protecting the earth.

What’s the difference between the Nespresso Original Line and the Vertuo Line machines?

The Original Line machines are only compatible with the smaller capsules. It can brew .85 ounces, 1.35 ounces, or 3.7 ounces. It’s a completely capable machine, built with quality and style. Do you want to keep it simple? These are the machines for you.

The Vertuo Line machines have more features, such as brewing five different sizes of coffee. It is compatible with the large Vertuo line capsules. These capsules come in three different sizes, and the machine will brew the correct coffee amount depending on which capsule is placed inside. It also can craft cold beverages, in addition to hot ones. These are the latest models that Nespresso has graced us with, and they seem to be the more modern of the two machine lines.

It’s totally up to you to figure out which machine works better for you. Each one has its pros and cons, and it takes some looking to come to a conclusion on which one is best for you and your brewing needs.

What is the difference between espresso and regular coffee?

Espresso and regular coffee are both derived from coffee beans, and they are just prepared and ground in different ways. Espresso is roasted for a longer period; then, it is ground way more finely than regular coffee. This espresso process is the sole reason that the strength of the coffee bean is fine-tuned, creating a stronger form of coffee. The caffeine content is upped in this way as well.

Regular coffee is not roasted for as long as espresso, nor is it ground as finely. This produces a flavor that is not as strong as espresso. The result is a product that’s more coarse and not as rich as espresso. The caffeine content is usually significantly lower as well. Regular coffee is what you think of when you turn on your drip machine and fill up a large pot.

If you are a regular coffee enthusiast but are looking to graduate with a more sophisticated form of coffee, then it would be an exceptional idea to walk into the wonderful world of espresso. Nespresso and its amazing products are a perfect entrance into this world. They are straightforward and offer a wide variety of blends and machines to suit your needs.

In Summary

As you can see, we have included a great list of the best Nespresso capsules for making a latte. There is a wide variety here to match all tastes and preferences. Each one, in its way, offers a delicious latte experience that will satisfy most anyone. It’s just a matter of looking at each one to determine what flavor profile will work best with your palette. There are countless blends, grinds, intensities, flavors, and aromas; you are bound to find at least one that you love and, in all probability, more than that.

There’s also the matter of figuring out which Nespresso machine will suit your needs. We recommend browsing the different espresso capsules available, then deciding on the machine that goes with your favorite. This can be done by looking at what each offers and figuring out which capsules best suit your style.

You can go the classic route with the Original Line and keep it simple, or you could head down the Vertuo Line road and open up a new world of espresso possibilities.

It’s completely up to you! That’s the fun of it.

We hope this article helps you in all of your present and future latte and espresso endeavors.

Happy brewing!